Here’s our team, but first of all we would like to introduce you to our beloved Giulin.

Giulin is a traditional Ligurian gozzo built by a shipwright known and renowned throughout Italy for his skills as a craftsman: Dino Schiaffino.

Nowadays the gozzi are made of fiberglass, while “Giulin” is made entirely of wood – just like the original ones.

For 35 years the gozzo was mainly used as a lampara (a boat used by fishermen at night to illuminate the surface of the water for anchovy fishing). “Giulin” best represents the spirit of the place and it is admired by all the local sailors for its strong presence.

Gozzi boats are very stable boats but they do not travel at high speeds; this makes them suitable for slowly cruising along the coast, but not for long distances. For this reason “Giulin” is the perfect boat for the tours we offer … relaxing tours that allow us to admire the view, make new acquaintances, sip a glass of prosecco and listen to good music … without rushing.

We look forward to meeting you.

Alessandro Cinque

here we are:


All united by a great passion: the sea and a deep love for our land, the biggest goal is to be able to pass it on to you.

Ale the captain & Tommaso the host.