Here I am with my first article, what a thrill!

After the experience with Angelo’s Boat Tour I decided to change name and start over, finally putting mine, Alessandro! Cinque is my real last name, it’s not a joke, call it destiny if you want! πŸ˜‰
Also in the team is my beloved inseparable travel mate Giulin, an old Ligurian wooden gozzo that has plenty of adventures and stories to tell.

Angelo was the owner of Giulin for a long time, at first as a fisherman then as an boat tours operator and with him I started my experience in boat tours in the Cinque Terre as a guide 6 years ago; I have seen so many people and made so many friends, that I have decided to do this for life:
I love being able to tell about my land and my passion for the sea.

In the organization of the tours, in addition to the attention for our guests that I have gained in these years of experience in the sector, I plan to change small / large details: increase attention to the environment, limit consumption as much as possible of plastic and much more, one step at a time.
The love for the environment and my land begins with this, being able to always improve and be able to tell, inform and involve as many people as possible in this goal.

When you join a tour with me and my staff we will explain not only the history, the curiosities of the Cinque Terre but we will also explain how you can help us to preserve and protect them!

I’ll give you a practical example: my beloved Giulin is a ligurian traditional wooden gozzo and it maintains a very low cruising speed, about 5 knots (corresponding to about 9 km / h scarce). According to recent studies applied by the University of Genoa (see article about it by clicking here) it is precisely boats like these that can limit the noise pollution that spreads underwater.
We do not pay much attention to it but the sound that propagates underwater, even if it seems very muffled to us, for many species of fish and cetaceans it is not; this could change their biorhythms and also affect the mating and therefore the reproduction of the species themselves.

The marine area of ​​the Cinque Terre is a sanctuary of biodiversity of endemic species and not only, which also influence the biodiversity of this ecosystem, so it is important to preserve and respect it, maybe even just cruising at 5 knots and having more time to enjoy the view of Cinque Terre coastline on a unique and special boat like our Giulin, even better with a glass of cold prosecco. Not so bad, right?

This is just a small start but I hope it can help you understand how much my work is important to me and my staff and how much passion and dedication I put in organizing the tours. So I’ll be waiting for you to enjoy the Cinque Terre together with me and Giulin.